The Battle of the Poutine: Duckfat vs. Nosh

Today was a special day for me because I got to try Poutine from somewhere other than Duckfat. Now, you may know that Duckfat is my foodie crush currently: my favorite restaurant in all of Portland. Don’t get me wrong, it was hard to make a choice for the number one but Duckfat ultimately won. Mainly because I was finally introduced to poutine. Yeah, it sounds weird on paper: fries, gravy and cheese curds, but I feel that there’s nothing better than that combination, especially warm and melted. I could live on poutine for days, except…it would probably kill me!

So today goes down in foodie history for me because Nosh, another great restaurant in Portland, had a shrimp po’ boy poutine as a special. Which naturally I ordered.
Here’s the battle of the Poutine: Duckfat vs. Nosh

Duckfat: Poutine (Duckfat fries, cheese curds and gravy, melted together)

-tried on several occasions when eating at Duckfat, always good

-just the right texture and taste for gravy: not too chunky or salty

-hot and ooey gooey gravy with cheese curds and those signature Duckfat fries, where can you go wrong?

Nosh: Shrimp Po’ Boy Poutine (Nosh fries, cheese curds, gravy, and spicy coleslaw)

-crunchy Nosh fries smothered in flavor and pepper

-topped with gravy, a bit more bite to it because of the spicy slaw

-Maine Shrimp on top of it all, adding a new dimension to both texture & flavor

SO…who wins?

My personal vote is for Duckfat, but it’s a close one here. The poutine at Nosh was heavenly…shrimp and gravy and cheese curds, you pretty much cannot go wrong. However, the gravy was a little too salty for me, and the pepper was overpowering. So Duckfat wins by a narrow margin, but trust me, the Shrimp Po’ Boy Poutine is worth it, and if I go back and find it on the specials menu again, I will order it again. Unless it’s the end of the world, and then I’m going to try the crazy Apocalypse burger.

Dessert, anyone?




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