The Easiest Last Minute Gift This Year!

It’s the week before Christmas. It’s highly likely you’re cranking out gifts like no tomorrow, and spending up a storm on Amazon, Etsy and any other place you can think of online. Hold up! There’s one thing that you should be giving this year, especially for homesick Mainers who have moved away. After all, Maine always lives in your heart, no matter where you are!

Have you heard of a Box of Maine? If not, this is going to be your Christmas go to! A Box of Maine is a box that is shipped directly to your recipient, filled with delicious Maine treasures, like Maine maple syrup, Moxie, whoopie pies, blueberry jam and Lost Woods hot sauce (my favorite!) These are just some of things that can be put in your Box, which can be either 5 items or 10. It’s an extremely unique gift, and let me tell’s delicious!



I had a Box of Maine sent to me for free a few months ago, and was pretty overwhelmed, in a good way, of course. Just think..a Box of Maine would have been a great gift for the wedding I went to in October. It’s literally a taste of Maine, in one handy box. Mine came with a lobster stuffed animal (so cute!), Coastal Maine Popcorn, Lost Woods Hot Sauce which I’m quite literally obsessed with, Maple Candy, maple syrup, 2 whoopie pies, Stonewall Kitchen blueberry jam, and Maine honey. That’s like the essence of Maine in a box. I love giving gifts, but I love the idea of giving gifts that are actually useful even more. This is useful and great for anyone far from home.

If you want to learn more about this fantastically yummy gift, find them on Facebook or online! Happy holidays guys!

Sarah Gelber

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A recent graduate from the University of Southern Maine, Sarah has always had a passion for food. Follow her escapades around Portland, trying every new restaurant in her path! Conquering Portland, one meal at a time.