Gusto’s of Maine Food Trucks

A special lunchtime post, right before my afternoon class and right after I finished lunch, because Gusto’s is delicious! I’ve seen the truck around the USM Portland campus, but I’ve either been too busy or broke to try it before today. Let me just say, my pizza cone made my day. And I’m pretty sure when, not if, you try Gusto’s, you’ll be saying the same thing as well!
Here’s why:
-Fresh ingredients
-state of the art kitchen in a truck (seriously, they are pretty high tech)
-offers gelato
-fast, easy and delicious

Shrimp portofino in a cone of excellent, flavorful dough. They say “pizza in a cone” but it’s really so much more. It’s more like, a gourmet meal: shrimp, white wine, lemon, butter, crab, and topped with melted cheese. Gourmet meal, in a cone. Perfect for the student on the go, or anybody who wants fast and tasty food!

If you’re lucky, maybe you can still catch them for lunch today, parked in the parking lots between Luther Bonney Hall and Payson Smith at the USM Portland Campus. If not, I’m sure they’ll be around serving up this delicious goodness for a long time in the Portland area.


Sarah Gelber

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A recent graduate from the University of Southern Maine, Sarah has always had a passion for food. Follow her escapades around Portland, trying every new restaurant in her path! Conquering Portland, one meal at a time.