Compass Rose

UPDATE: Compass Rose appears to have closed after just a month in Portland. Well wishes and we’ll see who moves into the space next!

As a foodie, an incredible thing happened recently. Truly maybe one of the most amazing meals I’ve ever had, from a very recently opened restaurant in Portland. They’ve literally been open less than a week, and the other foodies have yet to find them. But I know…once people hear how superb Compass Rose on Fore Street is, they are never leaving.

When you first walk into Compass Rose, things just feel right. Superb service, combined with awe inspiring food ensures you will never forget the first of many meals you have here. Each room is decorated simply, with a compass motif throughout, and warm brick to accompany it.

Now, lets talk about the food, because I know that’s the real reason you’re reading this. How about some warm, freshly baked bread to start?

The pinot noir accompanying it was delicious by the way. An excellent suggestion made by the server.

So the bread was great: warm, fluffy, with flavor and delicious. It’s the entrees though that really made me almost cry out of ecstasy.

Entree: Steamed Lobster, with a side of the Chef’s potatoes and seasonal Vegetables

Do you know what a beautiful and tasty potato tastes like? If you think you don’t, just look above. That is a great set of potatoes and vegetables. Every bite was succulent; the potatoes were doubly mashed, then topped with cheese and baked again. Heaven. Never had a potato like this one before.

And of course, the lobster.

It’s a work of art. I almost didn’t want to eat it, because it looked so good. But, of course, I ate it because who can resist a freshly steamed Maine lobster? Certainly not me! And yes, the lobster was incredible. I may even say, it was the best lobster I’ve ever had, and I’ve certainly had my fair share of lobster over the years (Gilbert’s Chowder House, anyone?) However, this was seriously fresh. I still can’t get over how great the flavor was! Sometimes, a lobster can taste kind of old. This was fresh, as in the freshest you can get. It showed, because it tasted unbelievable. Combine that with those mouth watering potatoes and you’ve got some meal on your hands.

Pictured above is the Filet Mignon, topped with a too good to explain Bernaise sauce. Got a bite of that…tender. Flavorful. No other words are needed.

Overall, Compass Rose is like a pearl, still in the shell. It may have yet to be truly discovered, but I know that once you do, you’ll come back. The meat, the seafood…it’s all truly decadent and fantastic, and anybody that loves great food in a great place will come back for more. Located on Fore Street, Compass Rose is soon to be your new favorite. Try it out and you’ll see why.

Sarah Gelber

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A recent graduate from the University of Southern Maine, Sarah has always had a passion for food. Follow her escapades around Portland, trying every new restaurant in her path! Conquering Portland, one meal at a time.